Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HAuNT Con OR Transworld for haunters?
This has been a question asked by many home haunters and pro haunters alike. "Which is better Transworld or HAuNT con?" Well in my opinion both are great! They Are Both Really focused on giving you what you came for, Information, new products, and entertainment. There are both goods and bads to both shows but here are a few Goods and Bads to both of the shows.

Transworld Pluses and Minuses
- LOTS of information
- Great seminars
- Big show!!!
- Lots of really cool Booths
-Seminars ARE expensive

HAuNT CON Pluses and Minuses
- Great Seminars
- Less expensive
- Fun Costume Party
- Moves to a different location each year so its easy access to a lot of people
- Smaller show
- Less booths

Altogether these are two great shows! If you ever get a chance go to one they are informative AND fun. They are growing each year and get better each year! SO if you ever get the chance stop by one of these shows.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

CHANGES BEGIN AT HAUNTEDHOUSE.COM With the consumers that drive the profits of all of our businesses. Michael Cruz has done a great job in recent years of keeping the web site not only in our industry but also in laying the groundwork so that it can continue to serve all of our needs for many years to come. On behalf of the industry, we thank him for his efforts and wish him well on all of his future endeavors. But now there is a new team in place – a new team of familiar industry faces ready to build and accelerate the future growth of – and best serve the haunt community. With over 50 years of haunting experience among us, we are committed more than ever to continuing to create success for and for you. The New Team brings together a powerful combination of expertise in internet marketing, ticketing, web design, promotions, production, sponsorship and more. For many years we have and will continue to serve the industry and our valued clients and friends - Sean Majka – Co-owner of powered by TicketWeb Rich Majka – Co-owner of powered by TicketWeb Christopher Brielmaier – Owner of Rogues Hollow Productions Steve Kopelman – Owner of “The Carnage” (Houston) and Marketing Partner of the world famous Thrillvania / Verdun Manor. In the coming weeks and months, there will be lots of changes happening. Some changes to the site and image of will be very obvious – yet other even more important things will be done behind the scenes to prepare for it’s best season yet so that we can deliver even a more powerful reach into the consumer market and continue to be the Nation’s #1 Haunted House Search Directory.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

THE HAUNTED REPORT: Independent Haunt Industry News (Review)
This Site Is GREAT! It is updated Daily with a lot of information with horror news. This site is great for homehaunters, prohaunters, and horror enthusiests. When you get there make sure you are ready for some of the latest horror news. Its definately worth it to stop by and read it. To see the haunted report click on the link:

First Off let me just say that from the beggining RFR has been FrEAkINg GrEAt! This is really one of my favorite weekly things that I listen to and It is definately jampacked full of Haunted Industry News, Movie Reviews, and many other things. This is definately worth listening to especially because it features really amazing music from Haunt Composer Virgil Franklin. To visit and listen to Rotting flesh Radio Click on the link:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

News: Kelly Allens "So you want to be a haunt entrepeneur" Is really useful. If you want to get started in the business click on the following link.

Doombuggies dot com is one of my favorite haunted mansion websites. It has lots of cool behind the scenes stuff, shopping, and other things from the disney classic. Click on the pic. below to view the site!

Here are some links to some really helpful and cool places on the web, for pro and home haunters alike. As more are found more will be added.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Welcome to Home Haunts Of America! This is a web log which will be updated weekly to Inform you on Haunt Industry News, Information, and facts. As soon as information is added it will be added here.