Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HAuNT Con OR Transworld for haunters?
This has been a question asked by many home haunters and pro haunters alike. "Which is better Transworld or HAuNT con?" Well in my opinion both are great! They Are Both Really focused on giving you what you came for, Information, new products, and entertainment. There are both goods and bads to both shows but here are a few Goods and Bads to both of the shows.

Transworld Pluses and Minuses
- LOTS of information
- Great seminars
- Big show!!!
- Lots of really cool Booths
-Seminars ARE expensive

HAuNT CON Pluses and Minuses
- Great Seminars
- Less expensive
- Fun Costume Party
- Moves to a different location each year so its easy access to a lot of people
- Smaller show
- Less booths

Altogether these are two great shows! If you ever get a chance go to one they are informative AND fun. They are growing each year and get better each year! SO if you ever get the chance stop by one of these shows.


Blogger Garfield said...

I'm looking for awesome missouri haunted houses this year. It's going to be an awesome year.

1:16 PM  
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